[Đăng ngày: 20/02/2017]

Reading habit is crucial to the active learning skill of people and need to be built from early childhood, but reading culture in Vietnam is underdeveloped due to low awareness among parents, unefficient education system and unfriendly public libraries. The same situation happens with English fluency, which is also important to the integration of Vietnamese next generations. However, learning English is costly and English books are so expensive that only a few high-income parents can afford.

Kids Need Books Social Enterprise was born to address this shortage of English-language children’s books in Vietnam, by collecting books from English speaking countries and build a community library for children in Vietnam. Kids Need Books’s slogan is “where every child can read”, no matter what condition of his/her family. Children of Kids Need Books services are of average and low-income families (low-fee applied) but also disadvataged children in orphanages (free of charge).

The social business launched on April 2016 and has been operated for 8 months with 6000 books collected and weekly storytime/event organized.


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